Activate Skin Non Injectional Mesotherapy/Filler effect Ampoules

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Magic in 30 minutes! Marvelous visible lifting effect after one treatment, without injections!


Activate ampoule for non-injectional mesotherapy, filler and botox effect without injection.Patented plant based nano-formula contains high concentration of 17 peptides,transdermal amino acids and organic plant extracts.

Serum contains a record high concentration of Argireline (Acetyl Hexapeptide-8) – protein found in Botox, with makes this treatment an effective natural non injectional alternative.
Due to an extremely low molecular weight of only 4nm the serum penetrates the deepest layers of skin offering an immediate wrinkle smoothing effect.
First of it’s kind treatment for wrinkle reduction, lifting and filler effect with zero down time!

Science behind this intelligent nano technology complex

Wrinkle Reduction -Muscle relaxing peptide complex penetrates the dermis where peptide molecules actively suppress muscle nerves producing immediate Botox effect

Whitening – damaged skin becomes whitened and recovered.Active peptides suppress the generation of pigmentation and chromogenesis from age spots, acne scars and burns
Lifting -excellent skin tightening and anti aging effect is achieved by inducing the syntesys of collagen and elastin production.Results in bright youthful skin tone

Texture Improvement – accelerated growth of new skin cells is induced resulting in improved skin surface and recovery of damaged tissue.Smoothes inflammation caused by acne and skin dermatitis. Dramatically improves the condition of acne and rosacia

Moisturizing – ultra deep hydrartion recovers skin damage caused by extrernal stimuli and ultraviolet. Protects the skin from further UV damage.

NO contraindications – Activate ampoule is natural product that does not contain harmful ingredients such as parabens,steroids,methanol,artificial dyes or heavy metals.

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rh-Oligopeptide-1 -epidermal growth factor peptide.Complex protein stimulates rapid cell generation and production.Effective lifting, smoothing and filler effect

Argireline – (Acetyl Hexapeptide-8)ensures relaxation of facial muscles, slows down the conductivity of nerve impulses.The result is comparable to botulinum toxin injections, without the toxin

Palmitul penta-peptide 4 – produces collagen, elastin, fibronectin and glycosaminoglycans. The commercial name is matronly. Evens wrinkles, improves the look of mature skin.

Soybean poly-peptides – a mixture of amino acids and peptides. Immediate moisturizing and improved skin elasticity.

Adenosine – naturally diverted Cordyceps nucleoside, powerful skin restoring agent.Located inside the cell it models physiological processes in tissues, participates in energy transition and cell signals.Offers immediate anti wrinkle benefits

Copper tai-peptide 1 – quickens skin regeneration. Efficient after laser procedures and chemical peelings. Tissue restructuring, collagen and elastin production. Improving the production of skin matrix. Quickens the healing of burns and wounds, increases the vitality of stem cells. Neutralises the effect of radiation.

Niacinamide -Vitamin B3.Water soluble vitamin that visibly improves enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, dullness and weakened surface.Proven in many clinical studies to be an effective skin lightening compound.

Chrysanths Extract – organically diverted. Whitening,age spot reduction.Antibacterial & anti-inflammatory effect

Peony tree root extract -organically diverted.Promoted skin clarity, firmness, has an effective antinflamatory factor

Peony extract -organically diverted. Contains 0.05% paeoniflorin is clinically proven to reduce facial wrinkles

Angular Solomon’s seal extract-organically diverted.Antibacterial properties.Decreases inflammation, bruising, edema,redness,discoloration, held wounds ,burns and infections.Clears acne and rosacea

Licorice extract – organically diverted.Skin lightning and oil controlling agent.Contains high amounts of Glabridin which inhibits tyrosinase thus halting the production of melatonin.

Floxglove extract– organically diverted. Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties.Stimulates blood flow and circulation.Detoxifies,brings radiant healthy glow.

Deodeok extract -organically diverted.Revitalize and hydrates the skin.Rich in vitamins and amino acids.Restores blightnes and improves texture.

Tangerine peel extract -organically diverted.Prevents excessive synthesis of melanine, removes pigment spots (melasma, kloasma, freckles, UV radiation). Balances the metabolic processes of skin. Anti-oxidant. Creates natural shine and evens facial complexion

Job’s Tears extract– organically diverted.Widely used in Japan and Korean medicine. Hinders the growth of oncological cells and raises skin immunity. Anti-allergic, facilitates cell regeneration. Anti-bacterial effect.

2 reviews for Activate Skin Non Injectional Mesotherapy/Filler effect Ampoules

  1. Julia

    These ampoules are just magic! I use their machine to spray half of the bottle on to my face and then use the stream of air to infuse the skin all in front of the mirror. Once its done – the results as if I just had the most amazing hydra facial with botox facial. Results is simply wow and it builds up with subsequent use.

  2. Olivia

    The result is WOW, but I find it hard to open the ampoule! Metal part breaks an me and I have to continue with scissors.

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