Activate Air Bubble Essence Serum

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Activate Air Bubble Essence Serum with Peptides, Amino Acids & Low molecular Hyaluronic basic. Innovative Foam Serum for face and neck.


Activate Air Bubble essence is an everyday skincare product for face and neck. Based on a unique formula,It consists of 7 peptides, 18 amino acids, more than 15 various plant extracts as well as low-molecular hyaluronic acid.


  • Antioxidant protection
  • Nutrition
  • Hydration
  • The production of the third type collagen
  • Evening of skin colour
  • Strengthening of capillaries
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Increasing of skin regeneration
  • Calming effect
  • Lifting effect
  • Work with pigmentation
  • UV protection
  • Strengthening of skin immunity

Air Bubbles technology strengthens blood circulation and has an effect of micro massage on skin, helping the serum formula penetrate deep through the skin pores.

Quick lifting effect and glowing right after application.

Additional information

Weight400 g
Dimensions20 × 12 × 12 cm

More Information

Activate Air Bubble Essence COMPOSITION:

Niacinamid (B3) – anti-aging, narrows pores, reduces pigmentation, increases elasticity, perfect for sensitive skin.

Copper tripeptide 1 – one of the most effective peptides, curing and anti-oxidant effect, renews and revitalises skin, reduces pigmentation, increases skin fibre density

Acetyl hexa-peptide 8 (argireline) – botox effect without injections, removes muscle spasms.

Palmityl penta-peptide 4 – production of intercellular matrix.

Palmityl tri-peptide 1 – derma component synthesis.

Palmityl tetra-peptide 4 – anti-inflammatory immunity modulator, effective for acne and rosacea

Dipeptide-diacetat – removes muscle spasms.

Day lily extract – strong natural antibiotic.

Liquorice extract – bactericide effect, strengthens capillaries, restores tissues.

Cimicifuga extract – anti-inflammatory effect, oil regulation for problem skin.

Polygonum extract – calming, anti-allergic, anti-coagulant.

Sesame seed extract – firms loose skin, offers UV protection.

Phellinus linteus extract – regeneration, immunity modulator.

Angelica extract – anti-inflammatory, calming effect.

Morus berry extract – curing, antimicrobial effect, hinders the formation of pigment spots, removes dark circles under eyes.

Peony blossom extract – moisturises, removes irritation and inflammation, restores skin elasticity.

Styphnolobium japonicum extract – protects cells, regenerates, retains the elasticity of capillaries, skin collagen, reduces the excess oil

Baikal skullcap extract – antioxidant, anti-inflammatory.

Portulak extract – cures, promotes skin regeneration.

Grapefruit extract – normalises the function of sebaceous glands, whitens, reduces pores, improves elasticity.


Lecithin, alanine, lysine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, treonine, proline, valine, isolecitin, histidine, methionine, cysteine, glycine, serine, glutamic acid, asparatic acid, arginine, betaine.

In addition, Activate Bubble Essence INCLUDES:

Allantoin – protects cells against aging.

Adenosine (from cordyceps) – collagen and elastin production, reduces the number of wrinkles, cures wounds, rejuvenating.

Ascorbyl glucoside (vitamin C)

Glutation (tripeptide) – whitens, protects against viruses, rejuvenates.

Alfa-bisabolol – antibacterial, calming, evens the skin tone, reduces the number of wrinkles, whitens, anti-couperose, greater sensitive and problematic skin.

Ceramide Np – soothing of sensitive skin.

Hyaluronic acid –Supreme moisture and filler effect

Raspberry ketone – skin elasticity, protects against excess of sebum production and inflammations, particularly soothing for eyelids.

Lavender oil – in the occurrence of acne, regulates the function of sebaceous glands, anti-couperose.

3 reviews for Activate Air Bubble Essence Serum

  1. Angela

    This created a huge foam on the skin and then a pearl sheen, loved it! My skin is left super hydrated, lifted and glowing. Better then the Lamer and all that other $500 crap out there

  2. Ann

    Amazing cream, I was using Thalgo before which was the best in my opinion but this is BETTER! It enriches the skin with oxygen, fills it up and makes it glow with a pearl sheen. I dont use anything else anymore.

  3. Mira

    Shipping took 7 days, im not happy about that. Came from Seol.

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