About Activate Beauty

Since 2014, Activate Beauty has been dedicating years of research all around the world to find and develop products so unique, the results are astonishing. Activate Beauty is an award winning line of ultra-effective beauty products developed by Eastern European and Asian physicians and scientists.
For the past 5 years we have been focusing on researching and developing the youth enzyme for eyelash/brow and hair products, as well as non-injection based skin rejuvenation products and methods which are proven to work as well as or better than the dangerous injection-based products and methods.

Whether your beauty is affected by the effects of the sun, stress, natural aging, diet, environmental factors, medications or chemotherapy treatments, Activate Beauty is guaranteed to turn back the clock on your most treasured assets – lashes, hair and skin. Through our product line, Activate Beauty is now able to help you regrow eyelashes and eyebrows, boost & Activate scalp follicles for a gorgeous full head of hair.

With the help of university researchers, Activate Beauty has patented never before used formulas, technologies and techniques focused on hair re-growth and complete skin regeneration. Our newest Activate skin product will help you with the facial cell regeneration process that will take years off your facial skin and help replace biorevitalization procedures, fillers and botox.

Empowering through natural ageless beauty is our goal! All of our products have been strategically developed and carefully sourced from the highest quality ingredients from around the world. Formulas will Activate your cells to bring out the timeless beauty in the privacy of your home while providing salon treatment results.